FutureNow: Finance

Volunteers are needed for the FutureNow: Finance Event to be held on Wednesday March 8, 2023: 8:30 am - 11:00 am, FSHS Auxiliary Gym.

What is it? At the FutureNow: Finance event, students will visit a variety of booths to “purchase” housing, transportation, communication services, child care, food, utilities, insurance, etc. They will also have the opportunity to save money, give to charity and learn about unexpected things that affect daily life (e.g. accidents, unexpected visitors, flat tires). 

How can you help? Volunteers help the students make wise financial choices regarding the necessities and luxuries they imagine as part of their adult lifestyle. Volunteers are provided with detailed information and price sheets for their specific booth allowing them to help the students decide how best to spend their money. Volunteer need only bring their personal experiences! It is a fun and tangible way to aid students in preparing for their financial futures. 

Who do I contact? Lewis Dunkeson, Student Support Coordinator, FSHS lewis.dunkeson@cismidamerica.org, 402-212-9826