School Resumes Tuesday, January 18th:

Classes will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, January 18th.  Activities will also resume on Tuesday.  All attendance centers will require the wearing of masks during the school day and for evening activities for students, staff, and visitors.  The district will monitor attendance numbers this week to see if the COVID positive rate for an individual building goes below 2%.  If we see some consistency with a building being below 2%, the mask requirement for that building will expire.

 Test to Stay and Learn Tuesday January 18th:

We wanted to let our school patrons know that we anticipate more than 60 people participating in Test to Stay and Learn in our district on Tuesday, January 18th. Last week we tested upwards of 65 people on Tuesday and Wednesday. Many of those who tested would confirm that the wait time was long. 

Our testing will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will continue until 10:00 a.m. to accommodate the larger numbers. We know the wait time will be long for many as we are still understaffed. Students who are testing will be excused for their late arrival should their testing time extend past their start of classes. Each test will take up to 15 minutes to verify positive or negative status. We encourage test subjects to opt for a text confirmation. Please communicate your wish to receive a text result to the staff member conducting your test so we can record a contact phone number.

As you arrive for testing, you will be handed a number to identify your order for testing. Should no staff member be available to hand out a number, they will be placed outside near the entrance to our testing room for you to collect and place on your windshield. 

The Test to Stay and Learn testing program is only for USD 234 students and staff who opt into the testing protocol.