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Halloween party updates: students will arrive at school in costume. Masks must be worn with all costumes even under plastic masks. Students should have regular clothes under their costume or a change of clothes in their bag. PTO will be coordinating a prepackaged snack, drink, and goody bag for each student. If your child is asked to bring an item they will need to carry it into the school. No adults will be allowed to attend the parties. We plan to record the students in their costumes and share with classrooms to watch and post on Facebook for family and friends. Thanks for being understanding as we try our best to stay safe and have fun!
1 day ago, Joy McGhee
USD 234
USD 234 is also looking for substitute cooks, along with paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, substitute paraprofessionals, and substitute bus drivers. You can apply online at If you have questions about these positions, please contact the board office at 620-223-0800.
2 days ago, USD 234
Joy McGhee
We aren't sure who was more excited this morning . . . staff, students, or parents!! We are off to a great start today. We are ready to make this an awesome year! #WinfieldScottFS
22 days ago, Joy McGhee
Joy McGhee
We are so excited to see our students tomorrow! Here are a few reminders and helpful tips: -7:30 is the time you may begin dropping off your student. No parents/guardians will be allowed into the building. -masks must be worn by all students (we have extra if you don't have one yet) -all students will get a water bottle tomorrow. The water fountains will not be in use this year, only the bottle fillers. Water bottles will be necessary each day. -please send your student in tennis shoes every day -if you have (or can make) a name tag for your student for the first day or two that will be helpful to staff. We are working hard to make this year the best it can be. Thank you for your help and support! #WinfieldScottFS
23 days ago, Joy McGhee
Joy McGhee
Please check out our September 2020 Newsletter!
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