Math Relay Students

On March 9th, 17 students from FSHS competed at the Allen Community College Math Relays. The following students placed in individual competitions:

Nick Davis - 1st in Junior Simplifications and 2nd in Junior Computational Math
Sam Deloney - 1st in Senior Math Potpourri and 5th in Senior Word Problems

Caroline Barnes - 2nd in Sophomore Word Problems

Cody Dean - 2nd in Senior Simplifications and 3rd in Senior Word Problems
Adelynn Nolan - 2nd in Junior Math Potpourri and 2nd in Junior Simplifications
Cody Geiger - 3rd in Junior Math Potpourri and 5th in Junior Simplifications
Maia Martin - 5th in Senior Equations & Inequalities
Joy Self - 5th in Sophomore Math Potpourri

The following students placed in the team competitions:
Algebra Relay 1st place team - Sam Deloney, Maia Martin, Nick Davis, Joy Self
Medley Relay 4th place team - Cody Dean, Cody Geiger, Caroline Barnes, Rylan Miller
Freshmen Algebra Relay 5th place team - Junie Fisher, Claire McElroy, Ben Phillips, Kathryn Williams

The following 17 students represented FSHS at the competition:

Tayton Allen, Caroline Barnes, Savanna Cunningham, Nick Davis, Cody Dean, Sam Deloney,  Junie Fisher, Cody Geiger, Maia Martin, Claire McElroy, Rylan Miller, Ben Phillips,  Aiden Sigafoos, Joy Self, Bryar Smith, and Kathryn Williams.