Household Economic Survey

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HES Survey

The Household Economic Survey is available to families in paper and electronic form for your choice/convenience. You may also call the USD 234 Central Office and someone will be available to help you fill out the form.

ALL information is completely confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Household Economic Survey Form

Household Economic Survey

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Eugene Ware
Winfield Scott
Fort Scott Preschool center

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Each year our school district receives at-risk dollars as a part of our funding. In the past, this has been based upon the number of students qualifying for free lunch through our school lunch program. ALL of our kids eat FREE (Yay!!!) in 2023-24 so that form is no longer available for us to use.

State level - in order to claim our at-risk dollars through the state, we need our parents to fill out the HOUSEHOLD ECONOMIC SURVEY. In 2023-24, it is estimated that we will receive $2,462,592 in at-risk dollars to educate our kids.

Federal Level - The percentage of kids who qualify under a free status also impacts our federal aid received for specific programming. In 2023-24, we will receive $1,197,714. This aid is used for special education, elementary intervention teachers, and allows us an 80% discount on school internet and fiber. It is the Household Economic Survey is what will determine our percentages.

Most likely, you completed your Household Economic Survey as a part of the enrollment process. Thank you if you did! If not, we ask for your help in completing this form.


In the Classroom

  • Teachers

  • Teacher Aides

  • Counselors

  • Educational Programs

  • At-Risk Supplies for kids in need

  • Behavioral Support

  • Books

  • Curriculum Resources

Additional Support

  • Specialized Intervention Teachers

Specific Programming

  • Communities in Schools at FSHS and FSMS

Smaller Class Sizes

USD 234 is proud to provide opportunities to kids no matter what their background or ability.

Please partake in this survey if you have not done so already. This will also allow us to waive or reduce textbook fees for students qualifying as free or reduced.

With your help, we can continue to fund essential programming in our schools.