Looking for a summer activity for your kids? FSCC Summer Theatre Camp for ages 6-17 starts June 2nd.
about 1 month ago, Gina Shelton
FSCC Summer Theatre Camp
You still have time to give your input! The Kansas Association of School Boards in coordination with the Ft. Scott school district is conducting an online survey to seek community input on desired characteristics of the next superintendent. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and can be accessed at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TX2MW7Z. The survey will close at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, April 27.
about 2 months ago, Gina Shelton
Community Survey
USD 234 - Fort Scott will be in session today, Thursday, February 24. Be safe and take your time while traveling today.
4 months ago, USD 234
Mr. Eli is a hard worker and is respectful. He comes to school with a great attitude and always provides some laughter for his classmates. Eli loves to learn, never gives up, and lights up the class with his personality.
4 months ago, Martin Altieri
Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on this once and a lifetime chance to celebrate Twosday! It is a fun opportunity to do something creative and fun. We can't wait to see everyone then!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Savannah works hard in class everyday. She is a great helper and can be counted upon to assist her teacher, Mrs. Durossette. Savannah got to show her Tiger Award to her grandpa, Mr. Shawn!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Kimmi is always setting a great example for others. She sits quietly and attentively when adults are speaking. Kimmi is kind to others and goes the extra mile to be a great helper!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Sophia shows great leadership qualities. She is always willing to help her classmates. She is wonderful to have in class and works hard and tries her best. Sophia is positive influence on her peers!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Gracelynn makes great choices in class. She sits quietly and is kind to others. Gracelynn is a friend to others and always willing to help those who need it.
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Kently is kind and helpful to others. She is a hard worker and a great listener. If there is something that needs to be done, Kently will stay until it is done correctly. She is a great story teller and always makes others around her laugh with her funny stories!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Jordan works hard and is getting better at speaking up and displaying her fun personality. She is a great friend to her peers and is always willing to help out others.
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Kamiya is an outstanding student. She always listens and makes great choices. She is a leader in the classroom and a positive role model. Kamiya works hard and gives her best effort. She is a grrrrrr-eat first grader!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Mr. Hunter has been working very hard to be his best! He pushes through when days get long. Hunter is a great friend to many kids and is respectful to those around him.
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Kyndal is a hard worker. She never gives up even when things are hard for her. She stays positive and doesn't get discouraged. Kyndal is also very kind to her peers, as well as staff members.
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Congratulations to Mr. Vaughn, who was our Peerless Paint Chip Kid for the month of January. He received his very own color (Vaughn's Stillwater Green) of paint named after him. Vaughn exemplifies the qualities we look for in students here at Winfield Scott and we are very proud of him! As always, a big shout out to Peerless for making this possible!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Mr. Kyser listens well to directions and when others are sharing. He shows respect to who is speaking and is a great listener. Kyser is kind to everyone. He will help students with tasks and hold the door open for others. He is a great example for his peers.
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Ruby is such a super helper, both in and out of the classroom. She is always willing to help other students and staff! Ruby is kind to everyone!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Mr. James is kind to his friends. When he sees a student in need or sitting by themselves, he offers to help them or he invites them to sit with him. James has a big heart and is a great example of kindness. We're happy he is doing a great job!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Kylee is a great example of showing respect and mindfulness in the classroom and on the playground. Kylee is a rock star in her class and she is amazing at following directions!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri
Miss Zoey is a great student and role model for her friends. She makes sure everyone is included in all activities. Zoey is always willing to help her teacher or a friend!
5 months ago, Martin Altieri